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About the Practitioner


I strive to connect with people through massage to help them enjoy their lives in a pain-free manner. It was a massage therapist who helped me become focused and recognize the source of my pain after experienceing a serious shoulder injury. They helped me understand how I was healing and helped me treat my body proactively. That awareness progressed into a love of what massage can do for the body's healing process.

In 2009 I graduated from the Oregon School of Massage based in Portland, Oregon. Through my focused studies in Trigger-Point Release and Deep Tissue Massage I found a way to connect  mind to body and help facilitate healing of one's self. I incorperate trigger point release with passive and active stretching to provide a more beneficial massage. Traditional swedish and deep tissue strokes, diaphramatic breathing, hot stone and hydro-therapies all work to enhance the relaxation of the massage I strive to give and allow the more therapeutic aspects to come through for my clients.

I enjoy communicating with my clients about their individual needs and would rather tailer a massage to their needs above anything else.




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